Raise The Turf is all about bringing a stadium like atmosphere to Foreman High School. We have the possibility of having a turf field which benefits the sports program, Physical Education and JROTC along with the community can have a self of pride to its school. This project is all about bringing the community together to raise money for a great cause that will affect all of CPS.

Raise The Turf Project consists of a new turf field, a brand new track, bleachers to accommodate our fans, a light system so games can be played at night, a concession stand that features bathrooms and a new fence.

Our project will has a budget of 3.65 million. We are joining forces with CPS to help generate revenue from corporate, political and community donations. We plan on breaking ground 12-18 months from now.

If you are interested in donating please click the + in the top right corner or to speak about donations please contact:

Mr. Bernstein
[email protected]





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