On Friday, April 1st, your teachers will hold a one day strike. Parks and libraries will be open to host our students.

  1. Our teachers’ contract expired in June 2015, and, since then, many state, city, and Board decisions have impacted our schools making it more difficult to teach our students.
  2. This year we have had more than one devastating budget cut due to loss of funding associated with lower enrollment. These cuts have cost us many important resources such as: substitute teachers and buses for field trips; supplies and technology for learning; sporting equipment; and, worst of all, we’ve lost many excellent TEACHERS.

None of us are happy about the state of our funding. We are not happy that a year later our teachers still do not have a contract. We need to let our local and state representatives know that they must:

  1. Encourage the Board to negotiate a fair teacher contract NOW
  2. Stop building new charter schools that take enrollment and resources from our neighborhood schools
  3. Fully fund our schools at a rate that allows us to serve our students effectively
  4. Implement sustainable funding* through revenue development
Governor Bruce Rauner
James R. Thompson Center100 W. Randolph St. Suite 16-100
Chicago, IL 60610
Phone: 312-814-2121 
State Representative
Will Guzzardi
2642 W. Fullerton AvenueChicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-227-9720
Email: [email protected]
Office of Alderman Milly Santiago
31st Ward
2521 N. Pulaski Rd.
Chicago, IL 60639
Phone: 773-278-0031
Fax:  773-278-4381
Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel
121 N LaSalle St
City Hall, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602
Email: [email protected]
State Senator Iris Y. Martinez
2921 N.Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60618
Phone: 773-278-2020
  • Long-term funding solutions:

*Sustainable Funding:

  • Increase State funding– Illinois ranks 50th in percentage of state funding. Illinois contributes less than 20% of the money for educating public students. The national average is 45%. Illinois spent 9% less on general state aid per student this year than- five years ago.
  • State Funding Equity– CPS students make up 20 percent of Illinois’ enrollment and their families pay 20 percent of the income tax money that funds public education, yet CPS receives less than 15% of the state’s funding.
  • Pension parity– Chicago taxpayers are paying into two pension systems while the rest of the state is not paying into Chicago pensions. Estimated between $200-$300 million. Chicago’s share would go up if we weren’t double paying.
  • Income tax – Currently IL has flat tax of 3.75% (down from 5%). Every ¼% increase yields a billion dollars in revenue. A progressive income tax would tax earners in a fair way based on ability to pay and raise more revenue.
  • Short-term funding solutions:
  • TIF surplus- The city brought in $422 million last year in new TIF increment. Last year there was $1.7 billion in TIF accounts. The City should declare a surplus of at least $400 million in TIF which would yield over $200 million for CPS.